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A-Tent cover or Frame tent

represents the basic structure. The A-tent is thus a very simple tent.  A Frame Tent You do not have to be a professional to build this tent. Even then, this tent was very often in use, because it is very easy. In a delivery are included: Cover, Supplies and instructions. Material: 340 g / m², cotton, natural color, water-repellent and impregnation-resistant delivery item - tentcover, supplies - pegs, rope, nails, - no poles
Anglo Saxon Tent

Anglo Saxon Tent


Anglo Saxon Tent

tent cover and supplies for Anglo Saxon Tent  ( Anglo Saxon Tent ) The Saxon tent, Anglo Saxon tent, Anglo-Saxon tent, Geteld is one of the archetypes of historic tents Dimensions are 3.00 m in length (in the middle) plus 2 bells - total 5.5 m, 2.50 m wide and 2.20 m high

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