All our Tipi we make in Sioux Style

The floor plan is therefore an oval, the tipi outdoor cone is inclined a little forward This means that the fireplace is in the front part of a tipi tent, in front of the entrance. In the back ground  of the Tepee there is space for the bed, to the left and right of it there can be additional beds.

E.g. in a tipi 4 m diameter 2 – 4 beds  and in a tipi 6 m diameter 8 – 10 beds for adults.

A tipi has the following components

  • Tipiplane made of heavy canvas (cotton or mixed fabric)
  • Linning / inner tent
  • all fabric is waterrepelling and against mould impregeted
  • Accessories – pegs, pins, ropes, pegs for linning
  • Tipi poles (11-19 poles depending on the size of the tipi

and appr 1-1.5 m longer than the tipi diameter straight

please use plane peeled trees – spruce , pinon or bamboo or so

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