Tipis in verschiedenen varianten

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Historische Zelte und Zubehör

Sie brauchen ein Zelt für ein Event? Leihen Sie es bei uns!

Zeltwerkstatt Halang

Zeltwerkstatt Halang fertigt Tipi Zelt und historische Zelte in Freiberg / Sachsen

As replicas of bygone eras, historical tents are made in the tent workshop in Halang on the basis of traditional sources. Modern materials such as impregnated cotton fabric / canvas / canvas, wood and leather are used.

This ensures the stability and durability of the tents as well as comfort that nobody would want to do without today. We have increasingly specialized in custom-made products. Due to our more than 30 years of experience in the historical tent workshop, we manufacture your dream tent according to your dimensions and sketches!

Covers for every purpose – Haversack, bread bag, musket cover, bow cover, tent sack, cover for the camp bed, beer bag – durable covers made of canvas for special requests Leatherwork – leather aprons, beer aprons made of leather, ass leather, leather whips, coat ropes for vintage cars. We are your reliable contact for repairs to tents or leather repairs. We not only repair tents, but also motorcycle clothing, biker gear, leather clothing, etc.